R in Finance (Advanced)

By Fair Analytics | September 11, 2021

Finance like other industries is in the middle of major digital transformation where more data-driven solutions and products are becoming a must. For that we have designed a course which illustrates concretely how can make data at the center of financial core business.

Target Audience

The course is shaped for persons who are active in finance, insurance or banking industry, who are willing to:

  • Understand the hidden insights of their data.

  • Automatize tedious processes.

  • Build strategic actions and decisions based on AI and Data Analytics.

Course content

We will cover how to build analytics solutions for financial applications .

  • Data Analysis : extract relevant information

  • Data visualization : visualize your implicit insights out of your data.

  • Time factor : business and bank holidays.

  • Time series : Demand, Price forecasting.

  • Web scrapping : Access inflation and GDP data.

  • Impact of Macroeconomic indicators on your business.

  • Build your analytics dashboard


Participants are expected to have a prior knowledge in R programming

Available dates


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