Introduction to R programming(Beginner)[FREE]

By Fair Analytics | September 11, 2021

Fair Analytics offers a set of trainings based on R programming language.

We have designed a beginner’s course Introduction to R as a starting point to industry oriented analytics path .

This course will cover all core concepts in R programming languages during 04 hours and will be held online.

At the end of each course a detailed support materials will be provided to the participants.

The instructor is an experienced professional who has been programming in R since more than 8 years in various fields of industry.

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Target Audience

The course is tailored for people who :

  • Deal with considerable amount of data(excel, text, csv, database).
  • Struggle with repetitive and time consuming process.
  • Want to adopt Data Driven best practices.


  • Basic Math background.
  • An overview about programming .
  • First experience in programming is nice to have but not a must.
  • Fun and motivation to learn :) .

Course Content

  • R World.
  • R products.
  • R Basics.
  • Conditions : if , else , ifelse.
  • Iterations : while, for.
  • Functions and Procedures : write my first function.
  • write my first function and source a module.
  • Import a tabular data.
  • Generate my first graph.
  • Useful functions : grepl, grepl, which, which.max
  • Manipulate files and folders using R.
  • Install, load and use packages.
  • Descriptive statistics in R : between theory and application.


At the end of the course you will be able to :

  • Automatize routine excel based tasks.
  • Basic Data processing.
  • Make insights out of data using graphs.
  • Extract most useful information of your data.

Available dates

The next sessions are scheduled as follow :


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