BI and Web Analytics using Rshiny and Rmarkdown (Advanced)

By Fair Analytics | September 10, 2021

We offer hands-on training using advanced R Shiny and Rmarkdown frameworks in order to design, build, implement and deploy Analytics web-based apps and entreprise Dashboards.

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Target group

The course is tailored for R user who aim to build an expertise in Advanced Analytics and machine learning.

User who are dealing a big amount of data and who are willing make use of it to gains profit by optimizing costumer satisfaction speeding up processes.


An intermediate level in R programming equivalent to the Data Analysis in R

  • R framework.
  • R basics .
  • Data manipulation.
  • Data Visualization.


You will be able to create a ready to deploy :

  • Shiny web application.
  • Reactive BI dashboard.
  • Data based report.

Course content

  • Shiny framework
  • Basic Reactive Web Application.
  • uiOutput.
  • Styling and Frontends.
  • Shiny modules.
  • Debugging and testing shiny.
  • Performances boosting : caching .
  • Shiny Variants
  • Intro to Rmakrdown
  • Data based reports.
  • Text formatting
  • Dynamic dates.
  • DT and Kable.
  • Interactive charts : ggplot and plotly..
  • Report variants
  • Maps in R
  • Crosstalk(advanced).
  • Parameterized reporting.

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