Whether you are an individual or an organization, the world of data is surrounding you and becomes a part your environment.

If you check weather forecast, flight tickets, health insurance, car rental, Netflix recommendations, then you definitely use a data-based product or service.

You are a company who has data and willing to build similar products based on them, but you don’t have the expertise, Fair Analytics can help your team members to build that expertise and shape new profiles for you company: Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers.

You’re an individual and want to be a data expert and make career in this domain.

We have the right people to train you with most advanced expertise in multiple fields of application industry, finance, automotive, trading.

We know the right tools to use and we accompany you to achieve your targets within few weeks.


The world of data science is diverse and uses a variety of technologies. At Fair Analytics; we are specialized in R programming language and all its derivatives such as Rstudio, Shiny, Rmarkdown.

R is a complete and open source programming language which enable you to achieve End-to-End projects starting including importing data, cleaning, manipulating, transforming, modeling and visualizing.

Training structure

  • The courses are held mainly online but can be offered also on-site.

  • In order to ensure a high quality and a easy to digest information flow, the number of participants does not exceed 8 persons per session.

  • The courses consist of hands-on sessions supported with a solid theoretical overview in order to involve the participants in programming from the first steps.

  • A detailed course material will be handed to all participants at the beginning of each session.

  • Participants will be subject to practical exercices to strenghen and guarantee the comprehension.

  • In order to ensure a continuous quality feedbacks are collected during and after the course.

Available courses

We have tailored training for beginners, confirmed and advanced levels, below are some of the trainings:

Next sessions

Below is an overview of all upcoming sessions of our trainings: