Time Series Analysis & Forecasting platform :

Your business generates data but you don’t have the right technical expertise to explore it and make insights out it? you cannot afford to hire experts?

We have the best solution for you, a self-service and handy web-analytics platform that helps your to perfom sophisticated data analysis, extract insights and make actions based on them. Below are some concrete examples that can be easily achieved using our Analytics Platform:

  • Monthly Sales prediction ?

  • Weekly Demand and production Analysis

  • Dynamic daily Price prediction?

  • Yearly cashflow analysis and forecasting.

  • Growth rates at multiple levels.

  • Anomalies detection and correction.

  • Visually represent your analysis and forecasts in an easy to digest view.

  • Generate an interactive reports based on your analysis in multiple forms and share it with colleagues ?

Saldae Analytics enables you to achieve all of this in one unified code-free tool.

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Auto ML platform

You want to apply Machine Learning techniques but you don’t have expertise or time to write heavy scripts ? no worries we have a solution for you :

SaldaeML a code-free platform for machine learning, where you can apply all necessary steps for your machine learning and data science algorithms.

Below are some useful features :

  • Data import

  • Data preparation

  • Data Cleaning

  • Features engineering

  • Features selection

  • Interactive Visualization

  • Modeling Classification, Regression or Clustering.

  • Model fitting

  • Automatic Parameters tuning

  • Model performance reporting and visualization

  • Productionizing your model as a mini-App

Covid Tracker Dashboard, including Vaccine Compaign

We have created a web-application using R and shiny dashboard which collect data from different sources, transform them and display them using graphs and widgets .

The dashboard contains information on a country level regarding COVID19 situation and vaccination information on a daily basis.

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