Training: intro to R2

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End-to-End R-based prod Analytics projects(Part 2)

Analytics Econometrics Machine Learning Suit: tidymodels Save your results : data , model Smart Dashboarding and Reporting Shiny rmarkdown Analytics Econometrics forecast one of the state of the art packages used for time series analysis and forecasting in R prophet Machine Learning Suit: tidymodels If shallow learning does not work then use deep learning , if else then blame your data

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Renewables Energy : Imbalance Price Estimation

Renewable Energy: German Market Imbalance Price (reBAP) Strong Volatility and different influecing factors: Price Estimation using Machine Learning: Modeling and Features Engineering : Renewable Energy: German Market The unique German imbalance price (reBAP) is the settlement price for all Balancing Responsible Parties (BRP) in Germany. Next to this purpose the reBAP has a fundamental function for the German Electricity Market. It is up the reBAP to set correct incentives towards BRPs to close open positions in wholesale markets before TSOs need to acivate balancing energy to balance open positions.

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